Starmist Mica Blue with navy half hide interior, with slate carpets and black roof.

Standard TVR specification includes 15" front and 16" rear alloy wheels, remote central locking and alarm, electric windows etc.

This car then has optional extra low boost Eann Whalley Turbo conversion, 16" alloy wheels alround including the spare, front big brake upgrade, Gaz Gold shocks with poly-bushes, Chimaera mk III headlight conversion, rear Venturi, Afterburner rearlights, a more modern alarm system, sports de-cat exhaust, stainless steel Chequers dashboard, a more modern radio/CD and rear speaker upgrade.

This Chimaera 4.0 would have left the TVR Factory with circa 190bhp and 210lb ft of torque at the rear wheels in standard form, but in its present low boost Turbo state, I am now guessing it is somewhere circa 320bhp and circa 380/400lb ft of torque? The bhp is similar to a TVR 5.0 (and you could easily turn the boost up for more), but the in-gear acceleration times are just way-quicker than any other normal road-going TVR and it is just stellar/hilarious to drive.

Recent 12k service, newish tyres, two keys.


21/08/98 MOT at 8938 miles Queens Wimbledon
26/01/99 24k Service at ???? miles David Gerald TVR
18/10/99 MOT at 12709 miles Holmes Essex
04/11/00 MOT at 14999 miles Springfield Essex
24/05/00 6k service at 13590 miles Tower View Blackpool TVR
09/02/01 Service & MOT at 15139 miles Sheppard Essex
09/11/01 MOT at 17329 miles Springfield Essex
11/04/02 Service at 17673 miles Sheppard Essex
29/01/03 6k service at 21224 miles Tower View Blackpool TVR
27/04/04 6k service at 26839 miles Tower View Blackpool TVR
16/05/04 5th Owner
19/12/05 MOT at 28560 miles
24/03/07 MOT at 29236 miles
09/06/08 MOT at 29504 miles
23/04/10 MOT at 29834 miles CMC Northampton
06/12/11 MOT at 30327 miles
04/05/13 MOT 30699 miles
26/04/14 MOT at 31028 miles CMC Northampton
04/06/16 MOT at 31314 miles CMC Northampton
19/03/17 6th Owner
18/04/17 MOT at 32015 miles Ribble Valley Clitheroe
27/06/17 Service & Outriggers at 32??? miles AFS/Amore
07/07/17 MOT at 32154 miles Tytherington Glos
31/10/17 7th Owner
05/07/18 MOT at 32963 miles Smart Deeside
28/05/19 Clutch kit invoice
13/08/19 Service & MOT at 33999 miles Central TVR
28/05/20 Oil Change at 34900 miles Amore TVR
10/08/20 MOT at 35999 miles Smart Deeside
11/08/21 MOT at 36997 miles Ivor Watson TVR
??/08/21 New speedo fitted reading circa 32500 miles
13/01/22 Full service at 32996 miles X-Works TVR

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