Hello and welcome to TVR MADS! I have been involved with TVRs since 1988; and in 1997 I setup TVR Military And Diplomatic Sales Limited. We were Main Dealers until December 2004 and represented the TVR Factory doing the majority of TVR's new vehicle exports. Through 1998 to 2001, we sold more new TVRs into Europe, than all the other European dealers put together.

Now-a-days, it is just me and I concentrate on pre-owned TVRs and the occasional other interesting cars. I aim to sell about fifty cars a year, so you can be assured of that all-important personal service!

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James Birkby
Email: sales@TVR-MADS.co.uk
12-14 Adelaide Street, Bradford, BD5 0EA

Adelaide Buildings, 12-14 Adelaide Street, Bradford, BD5 0EA